Blast from the past....

Yo all! I haven't posted on here for 47 weeks!!! Anyone still around? :)

My life hasn't really changed much since the last time I posted to be honest. Still living in Bath with my mum, 3 cats and Sam my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Still doing the same job, B&B booking agency. Still single. I am happy at the moment though.

I am still running my Phillip Schofield site - Schofield Fans and even though in the last year Phil's agents have created his official site he is still involved with ours which is fab.

I went to visit him in London on Wednesday which was amazing (apart from traffic cos of the tube strike). Here is a picture of me giving Phillip a belated birthday kiss....

In March I did a sponsored ice skate in my pyjamas to raise money for Kidscape which is an anti-bullying charity. I raised over £500 which was excellent.

I have also launched the Webkin Online Poll 2009 so if you are in the UK and want to enter then check it out....prizes include £50 cash.

I might try and get back into Livejournal again, its a bit of a waste having a permanent account and not using it! I am also on facebook and Twitter

Hope everyone is well....anyone got any news for me? :)

Webkin Poll :)

Hi Friends,

Each year I run an online poll where people choose their favourites. It started as a way to give back to people who enter competitions like I do and now it's become a bit of a tradition. For the past two years I have posted about it in here and people have kindly voted. I am trying to get more entries this year, last year I had about 480. Gosh I sound so sad!! 
Anyway if you would like to enter this year there are prizes to be won including £25 Amazon voucher, £10 Whizzbitz vouchers, crafty stuff, web hosting and more....please visit

UK entrants only. :)

I might get back to Livejournal sometime!!!! Who busy with work and Schofield Fans at the moment. Hope everyone is well. Catch up with me on facebook too....Ellen Stafford in the Bristol network :)

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I am on cloud nine at the moment. Went up to London to see Phillip Schofield yesterday.Was so nice to see him again and he was so cute. He spent over half an hour with us chatting, having pics taken etc. He wrote out a birthday card for my niece Lilly as she is going to be 2 years old and she likes him as well. My sister was so chuffed with it. Just wanted to post a happy post from me......wohoo!

Some pics....

Me with Phillip....

Phillip talking to me ;) (love this pic so much)

More photos are here.... - Page 18 (second row) to page 20.

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It's amazing how when someone doesn't use their journal for awhile (i.e. me) loads of people just delete them! hmmm.....oh well :)

Not much interesting happening here at the mo :)
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Been to see Phil

Yesterday I went to London to see Phillip Schofield again. It was so nice to see him, he is so gorgeous. I also saw his wife, Steph and girls, they were lovely. I also saw Dr Chris, Fern Britton (who loved her birthday presents we send from Schofield Fans) and Robson Green. It was lovely to meet up with Janet again and to meet another fan Liz from Belfast.

Here are some pics from the day...

Me outside the big This Morning windows....

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Was a fab day! Will miss Phil and Fern over the summer. Don't think I will watch Eammon and Ruth much!
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I am soooooooo tired.....last night Anna went out with her friend and I stayed in to look after Lilly. She was a good girl as usual....unlike Anna who came home at about 1:30am after having a bit too much to drink and boy does she have a hangover this morning :) heh. Basically I finally got to sleep at about 3am. I have just sent Anna to bed as she is feeling really bad so I am just keeping an eye on Lilly until her Dad gets here.

Last night I managed to watch Phillip Schofield with Fern on Jonathan Woss. It was fab and as usual they were funny to watch. I knew that a few people would hit the website after the show but I didn't expect the stats to go from under 100 unique visitors to over 450 within an hour!! When Phillip was talking to Jonathan I felt so chuffed to be his fan (that sounds so sad). It's just there are a lot of people out there who like Phillip but won't admit it. I think its considered sad to fancy Phillip and I have taken a lot of stick over the years for it but I am proud to like him and proud of him. From as young as 8 he knew what he wanted to do, he knew he wanted to be on TV and started to write to the BBC for jobs, disguising his age by typing his letters to them. He followed his dream and now look at him and he has done so well to break out of childrens tv presenting and to continue. He has so much talent and can do what he wants whether it be tv presenting, radio presenting or acting. One day he would love to return to musical theatre, he was an amazing Joseph and I heard good reports about his a Doctor Dolittle as well (though didn't get to see it). I just think he is fab...just a wonderful guy! I received an email from him in the week saying that I can send him more questions to answer for the website which is cool! :)

Nige is coming over later today which will be cool....going to watch Any Dream Will Do tonight....go Lee!! Tomorrow Nige and I are heading over to Makro as we haven't been in ages.....I probably won't buy anything but its nice to look around and get away from work a bit.