Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Got a new mobile today which is cool! It's such great fun having Anna living here! So glad she is here instead of pyscho man. So is a lot of my friends who have all agreed that he was a bit of a perve going on about me going in and scrubbing his back whilst he was in the bath (Ewww....the thought of it) infact some of his friends have approached me and agreed with me about the whole situation, and one of them also said she finds him creepy too...oh well...over with now and I have cut him out of my life completely. I was so worried about him moving in. It really was getting me stressed and down and I even had a few panic attacks about it. The fact he wouldn't go out and work made it worse because he would of been around all the time, oh and he was planning on telling me who I can and can't see.....yeah right. Glad I have Anna here instead. We get on really well. Have nice chats and stuff.

Things are looking up at the moment. On the weekend I am going to sort my tax out with Gareth. Get that out of the way :)

Anyway I just thought I would check in again. Anyone want me new number just email me (ellen@webkin.co.uk) or msn me (webkin2000@hotmail.com)

See ya.

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