Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Tonight I am feeling a little better. Slept a lot today. Dad has gone to his friends for the night. He phoned my mum today because he is staying down here and it's her house and he wanted to check it was alright for about a week. Mum and Tony are being marvellous about the whole situation and I am well chuffed about it and proud of the way they are handling the whole situation.

Slightly worried (as usual) about my sister tonight. Basically a few days ago she had bruising down one leg. She thought she probably hit it on something at work so just ignored it. Well she woke up this morning with bruises all down the other leg. So the chemist told her to go and get it checked out at the NHS walkin center in Bath. They took some blood from her leg and said they don't think its anything like a blood clot but if it gets worse in the night to go to the hospital. I am sure she will be ok but I still worry especially as my Nan died of a blood clot due to the contraceptive pill, when she was in her 30s. We think it could be a side affect of her anti-depressants. Anyway she doesn't feel ill or anything. Infact she has gone out with her friends tonight.

Just given the cats their treat, they are so cute. Bobby the kitten likes sleeping next to my laptop but I have to keep making sure he doesn't hit the power button and turning the machine off which he has done twice so far!! :) Tiggy is still his usual self....all cute! I love them both. :)

Tomorrow morning I am going to a horse show with my mum which will be fun :)

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