Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Tonight has been great. For the first time ever I have sat down and chatted to Dad properly...sad isn't it as I am now 25. Infact I feel kind of weird because I thought at one stage I was going to cry. Basically Dad told me how he doesn't think our relationship has been good and that he really regrets that and told me that he loves us and that the hardest thing he has ever done was leaving me and Anna when he split with Mum. He said he came home and knew he was leaving and saw Anna and myself there and just burst out crying. You know I feel like tonight I have got so much closer to my Dad. He said how it was so nice for him to have us here on Friday when everything flared up. He said about how in the last five years before Anna's depression we didn't even talk to each other once a month and that was wrong he was just so wrapped up in his relationship, which I don't blame him for. I know now in my heart that my Dad loves me and that has fixed so many things for me in my heart. Like a piece that was missing has slotted into place.

Dad asked me if I would like to go to the football with him sometime down at Bath City and I might take him up on it. He said the social side of it is great because you get to meet new people. Maybe I will go with him one day.

Better get some sleep soon as tomorrow I am getting up early to go to the doctors with Anna about her leg. I seem to really be getting back into Livejournal. I think making all my posts public is helping because I can't get upset about people leaking my posts. Who cares about the losers anyway? :)
Why is it everytime I come upstairs I sneeze loads? odd!

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