Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Feeling a bit low tonight. Just not interested in doing anything. I might just have an early night. Tempted to go to the football tomorrow with Dad. Not sure yet. Dad has started training this guy at work and he is supposed to be a really nice guy but he never goes out and doesn't have any friends in the area so I might see if I can meet up with him and take him out for a few drinks as I haven't got any friends here either.

Dad cooked a lovely roast dinner today. It's nice him being here. He has popped out this evening to meet up with Pat and talk. In a way I hope he sorts things out with her eventually because he loves her so much but I don't want him to be hurt again.

Poor Bobby the kitten got locked out twice today. He popped out into the garden when Dad was having a ciggie and he got wet because it was pouring and I just saw something pop up at the window and it was him....he cried when he came through the door...love him.

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