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Today has been fairly quiet here at the house. I had a really bad stomach ache this afternoon so I went to bed. I was going to wake up after an hour and ended up staying in bed for 2 and a half hours...must of been really tired. Oh well I caught up with my work....will probably work till about 9pm tonight. We need to get more bookings.

I am really pleased with the way #fruitquiz is going. My chat room on Undernet. If any of you guys use irc you should pop in. It's chat all day and then between 9pm and midnight BST it is trivia time which is great fun, I am rubbish but its fun trying to guess. Still trying to persuade jamesuk to come in. Thanks to the following people who have popped in or hang out there a lot: bnb, boblet, chocojon, jsb2003, loonified, saltedpeanuts and Terry.

If you want to join in but aren't sure how just let me know. All you need to do is download mIRC and install it Then choose Undernet server from the server list and choose a nickname and press connect. Once connected just type /join #fruitquiz or you can use my browser based client to connect but it doesn't like the trivia so for all other times you can use it http://www.webkin.co.uk/chat/ press yes at the java pop up! :) Hope to chat to more friends soon.

I was really sad to hear the news about the school in Russia. Such sad news. :( I feel sorry for all the people involved.

I hope _cute_ is ok. I worry about her because of the hurricane. She has only just arrived in Florida. I hope everyone on my list from florida is safe and well.

I download Tears For Fears Greatest Hits....such a great CD....they totally rock. Listening to them mixed up with all my other music in iTunes. Shane Richie is on now. I love his singing as well as his acting so talented :) Just heard my friend Billy Franks is singing in Aldershot in October. Anyone wanna take me to see him? I have known him online for about 4 years and run his forum. He is so cute. I really want to go and meet him and hear him sing live. :)

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