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Its the weekend!! Yay....well I still work. Infact I have just done 20 enquiries for work :) Hopefully we will get a few bookings from them...

Woke up this morning at about 9:30am to do my paper round and it was really sunny. The weathermen said it would be raining all weekend, so I was lucky. Went on my round listening to Radio 5 Live and they were talking about football players and how they have attitude problems and shouldn't do for the amount of money they get paid....something to do with the England team. I wasn't paying full attention to be honest I was more interested in watching what other people were doing. When I got about half way around and a car went past me and beeped the horn at me. I didn't have a clue who it was but this man sat on a bench near by got really angry and said to me to tell them to pay more attention to what they are doing instead of beeping the horn at me, apparentely whilst they were doing it they drove up on the pavement.....well how can I do that if I don't know them? DUH!

This morning I received another autograph through the post. Haven't had any for ages, it is from Greg Rudeski the tennis player which is cool! I will have to update my autograph page sometime, maybe over the weekend because I am going to my Dad's on Wednesday. I need to add another link to my page as well and reply to a few autograph emails.

And about 30 mins I received another competition win via email...."Heya! I'd like to congratulate you as you have won TeenBeat.co.uk's excluisve competition to win a 'TeenBeat.co.uk @ Leeds Party In The Park' card signed by the lovely girls from Mania! We will try our very best to get it in the post to you as soon as possible" So that's another autograph for my collection....now I need to figure out who the hell Mania are :)

Right I think it's time for me to do half an hour on the treadmill. Tonight for tea I am having tuna steak, jacket potato and salad. It's raining now.

Before I go. I just wanted to say my heart goes out to anyone who lost a member of their family or friends in the terrorist attack on the twin towers in New York. Can't believe it was three years ago now. :(

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