Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Well I did my time on the treadmill....knackered now....I didn't have the arial in my room for the TV it was in Anna's room somewhere so I decided to watch a bit of a Boyzone Video when I was on the treadmill....I think I did more exercise because I was singing the whole time and doing the arm actions to the songs :) hehe. Infact I went all goosepimply because I still love Boyzone and it reminds me of the concerts I went to and how brilliant they were. I really miss them! I do reckon they should do another tour. Stephen is so gorgeous....shame he is gay hehe :)

Anna phoned me up this afternoon to tell me that Michelle and Stuart from Big Brother was in her shop today :) heh. Some people had their pics taken with them. Anna didn't she acted normal which is good I think because if I was famous I wouldn't want to be hounded by everyone. She could of got their autographs for me though hehe *tut* :) Unlike my mum when she worked in a shop and Lesley Joseph went in and she called her Dorian the whole time which was her character name in Birds of A Feather. :)

"One kiss at a time....sooner or later loves gonna get ya..."

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