Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Feeling a bit low today. I feel slightly lonely and a bit stressed out by my weight. I have really let my diet go down the drain recently. What with Nan leaving and things everything is up in the air here. I know I will get to see my Nan and its no excuse, after all she has only moved to Devon but I miss her already, so much. I broke my heart when I left the house. Oakford was so nice, such a nice house with a massive garden. It so reminded me of uncle George who was the kindest man I have ever known, without him our family wouldn't be so lucky like we are now. He died when I was about 10. I just worry that I won't remember him anymore. That all memories will fade away. I hope not.

Anyway yeah I feel like no man will ever like me with my weight.....how can I expect them to! I guess I am being impatient. I just need to sit back and not worry about men for awhile. I have been chatting to one or two that I like talking to and that could possibly develop but its too soon to think about it really. Though I have to meet Cycrow which will be nice as he is one of my best friends on chat as apparently Cycrow and myself have got married and had a baby boy in loonified's game. I wish I could meet boblet and robotron_5000 and so many others.....including this guy that I chat to who lives just along the road from me called Adam. Its funny being able to discuss the bakeries etc in the local shopping road. The Bread Basket is so much better than Greggs *yuck* :)

Anyway enough of me whinging......back to work....

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