Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Ok this is going to sound so lame and stupid....but tonight our youngest cat Bob brought in a mouse....and it was live....running around the living room.....where Bob dropped it. Had to grab Bob and throw him in the bathroom to stop him from getting it and then Tigger came down and we (my sister and I) had to get him and lob him in the bathroom as well. (When I say throw and lob, i don't mean literally...I am not cruel). Then it went along the back wall behind me desk. Had to pull things out get the torch out (god knows what the few people watching my webcam on msn thought). Then we lost it!!!!

So we let the cats out again. Bob spotted it under the bookshelf. So we called Anna's boyfriend and he wouldn't get out of bed which pissed me off big time considering we are both girls and Anna isn't allowed to lift things as she is pregnant so I had to tilt the bookshelf towards me (one shelf fell down). We finally caught it.

Anna wouldn't let me put the mouse out the front because she said it would have no where to go so she went and put it in the garden. Bob and Tigger followed about a minute later....and I am now too scared to go to bed because I am scared he will bring it back in again and lob it on my bed....I screamed when I saw it running around the floor. I don't like them...I dunno why but I don't....they are fast and scary.....

STRESS!!!! I think I might wait up and see Bob when he comes in next....could be in 5 mins....could be five hours....oh well I will play lottso! on pogo.com till then.

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