Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

It has been a nice day....lovely weather here in Bath today. Went to Makro with Nigel (nigelb28 if you want to add him...he is new) and mum and I spend a whopping £80 on stuff....mainly coke, envelopes and a box of Nutrigrain...hope I win £500, I don't want to start the argument I did last year on one of the competition forums :)

On the way home I felt really car sick....I hate that....oh yeah I bought these massive plastic coloring crayons which contain goodies for my cousins down in Devon as we are going visiting them soon. Anyway I wasn't sick but did some wicked belches!!!

Got home to loadsssssssssss of work. Still doing some now....no rest for the wicked eh! :)

I just got this thing about the word beaker at the moment. Oh yeah I am gutted Martin Platt (Sean Wilson) is leaving Coronation Street....I actually like him. Must write him a letter sometime.

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