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I feel so angry today.....just everything here wears me down.

Firstly it was my sisters birthday yesterday and her boyfriend (the one who got her pregnant) didn't even buy her a card. She was upset for most of the day as he went out and everything and now all is fine again. She is stupid. She is going to get hurt all the time because he doesn't pay for anything. None of the food we have in this house. Nothing. I am sick of it.

And now I am getting nagged at to do this contract to state that Anna's boyfriend is paying £400 here when he only pays £200 so he can pay less on his child support for the other kid he has. I am fucked off.

Anna and Ben wanted this kid and now they are in trouble money wise. They chose to have this baby....Anna says its a mistake and she missed her pill. Well I am sorry but if she missed her pill then she should have taken a morning after pill.....so therefore she wanted this baby.....they are going to scronge all the money they can get from the government and its people like me that are paying for these people.

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