Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Gosh I am starting to feel so guilty. Basically I get about 10 emails a day regarding my autograph site - http://www.webkin.co.uk/autographs

Most of the emails are asking for mailing addresses of celebrities I have autographs from. A couple of weeks ago I used to send one address per person and then tell them if they want anymore they have to sign up to FMA which costs £20 as I pay and it isn't fair on me or David who runs the site. Well then I realised something that someone was registering new email addresses and filling in my form asking for addresses and pretending to be different people therefore they was cheating me out of addresses and I could tell by their ip address.

So I have changed my policy. I don't give any addresses out just the link to the site for them to join. I feel bad because I know some of these people are kids and can't afford to join but at the end of the day why should I pay £20 for my subscription and give them away free, also what about David, if all his members did that he wouldn't get any new ones.

Oh well.

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