Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

I am not going to continually get hurt by people I care about....all I did was care about my friend and he decided to treat me like shit! It is his loss, he has lost me...forever......to leave someone crying and unhappy is not what friends and people who care about you do.....I try my hardest to be nice to people. Real friends don't do what he has done to me tonight....not when you care about someone....I am a stupid bitch for being sucked in by someone who doesn't give a shit!!!

That's how love goes
One day it's goodbye....

That day is today and forever, I may love him with all my heart and it may be wrong to say goodbye to someone you love but I can't be treated like crap...I hope he is happy with his life and forgets about me...I bet he is relieved now that I have fucked off....he will regret it one day.

Sorry for the morbid entries my friends but I have been hurt a hell of a lot in the past and its happening again as usual. My heart doesn't matter.....I will be ok in a few days, in the past on here I have been accused of being a attention seeker....well this time I am just being myself and saying how I feel....I need to get my hurt and pain out and tomorrow I need my best friend...Nigel.

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