Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

I am so angry. IRC has ruined my life and I will be punished for it because my friend will NEVER forgive me! I love him and care about him so much, that is why I got upset! I hope he forgives me one day and messages me! I feel so fucked up about this I can't even think about eating my food!

Here is the situation:

I liked this guy loads I was chatting on IRC he was saying stuff like one day he would press the power button if I said something he didn't like. Anyway next minute he disappears. It says he has logged off. I try messaging him but he doesn't respond before he logs off.

I then come on here, crying my heart out and write a post about how let down I feel by him because I am under the impression he has left me. He then comes on here and says he was trying to contact me but it was a problem with IRC.

Now he has deleted me from his LJ and banned me from commenting. He won't reply to my comment. Is it my fault for over reacting? Do I deserve to be punished like this? He won't talk to me because of something that wasn't my fault. I reacted the way I did because I care about him! What would you do?

I can't message him because I don't have his details I was that upset last night. I deleted him off MSN. :(

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