Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Can't breathe this morning. I don't know why but I have the worst asthma I have ever had and I just can't clear it. I woke up about four times in the night either coughing or wheezing. I slept well apart from that but it is awful. Luckily I have got to go to the doctors today, what a nightmare that is going to be. I need so much prescription its gonna cost about £20. I need blue inhalers, contraceptive pill (free), anti-depressants and weight tablets.

God knows how I am going to do my paper round today with my asthma like this but I will have to and its pissing down with rain as well. Not going to weightwatchers this week because I have been really bad with my diet....so will have to go back to it this week.

I woke up this morning after dreaming about Shane Richie...so realistic as well. I dreamt that what I dreamt before came true...if that makes sense? I was in London with mum, my nan and sister and we was walking randomly around when we came to this park....and I was saying to mum that I had to stay there because I dreamt I met Shane there and that he would turn up eventually. She thought I was mad and then he turned up :) heh. So depressing when you wake up and it isn't real.

I love Shane.....a pic here for people who don't have a clue who he is.....one of my many autographs....


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