Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

This evening I finished tidying a bit of my room.....I feel a bit crappy with my asthma which means I won't sleep well tonight so I have emailed my boss to see if I can have tomorrow off...just feel I could do with it.

Anyway I got 8 black bags full of rubbish from my room, 2 black bags for charity and quite a lot to put on ebay. Also took all my 1ps, 2ps and 5ps to Sainsbury's to put in the machine that counts them. That was £75 worth which I gave to my sister for her nappy fund for the baby. :)

You know what I feel so stupid about last week, when I was upset about that guy. He was obviously a liar as he told me he loved me.....no doubt he is on to the next girl by now....he was a waste of time....he didn't give a shit about me.....and now I know I will never be his friend again. He just needs to sort his life out or he is going to have a very bad life....I feel sorry for his wife who actually loves him whilst he is sat there chatting up other women on the net. Poor girl hope he sets her free soon as he obviously doesn't love her and she deserves better.

Looking forward to seeing Nige tomorrow, he has had a hard day at work....hopefully he will like Anna's baked bean pie. :) I am also meeting up with Michael next weekend, we have been friends online for about 8 years and still haven't met hehe. So it will be cool to go out for a few drinks :) He is a Sheffield Wednesday fan too so thats cool....might wear my David Hirst shirt ;)

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