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Going to see my grampy in a bit. He is in hospital because they have found a lump on his bladder so they have taken it away to be tested.....so worried I don't know my grampy as much as I should because of family arguments.....I do care a lot about him though. My family is very important to me. I spent quite a few years worrying about whether Dad loves me and wondering if I would ever see my half sister Frances. It has only all come together in the last couple of years. Frances got in touch and I have met her and I am happy to have another sister. Dad went through a tough time with his marriage and came down here to stay and we chatted like we have never chatted before...about the whole divorce and how he found it hard leaving me and Anna and how he should have been around more.

Anyway, I am going to see Grampy. I hate going to hospitals, I worry about people that I don't even know. So many people are having worries with grandparents at the moment :(


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