August 25th, 2004

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Today hasn't been as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had to go to the hygenist at the dentist. She seemed pretty pleased with the way I brush my teeth. I just need to get all these fillings done that I need. Shame it all costs so much though. She cleaned my teeth with this horrible little thing then polished them. I really don't like the noises in the dentist, like the drill etc. I might see if I can take my pocket Dab in with me when I go for the fillings.

On the way home and on my paper round I was listening to Radio 5 Live and I totally agree with what some guy said about Paula Radcliffe. As you know she was favourite to win the marathon in the Olympics but she pulled out and sat on the side of the road and cried. The guy was saying that the country would of been more proud of her if she had carried on or even walked the rest of the way back to the finish line because there wasn't anything physically wrong with her. He also went on to say that she should run the other race this week because loads of people would do anything to run for their country and it would be unfair to them if she gave up.

Yesterday it was pointed out to me that it was The Fruitquiz Forum's first birthday! I am very pleased with the fact that it is still running. It has been a bit slack recently so if any of my friends are willing to join and post some stuff that would be great!! Thanks to those who have already joined and helped support the great community.

Today I updated my Autograph Website. I added this weeks autographs I have received which was Kacey Ainsworth (Little Mo from Eastenders), Nigel Harman (Dennis from Eastenders) and Emma Bunton. My collection is really coming on now :)