September 1st, 2004

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Had some interesting chats tonight. Thanks to jamesuk for putting up with me :) I am thinking of going to bed....I wish Bobby would leave Tiggy alone he doesn't want to be licked!!!

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Ouch such bad period pains. I have been awake since 6:30am because of Bobby....he has been running around since then and now I have such bad period pains. I have just gone downstairs and taken some painkillers and got my cherry stones which are nice and warm. Going to try and get some more sleep.


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Yay! Just received a parcel....its a win from a competition....£100 worth of board games from Hovis they are Pictionary, Travel Pictionary, Scrabble, Junior Scrabble, Spongebob Squarepants Game, Barbie of Swanlake Game, Fimbles Uno and Magic 8 ball.

Going to Dad's soonish.....need to go do my paper round first :)

Happy Birthday to alissarocks444!!! I hope you have a good day *hugs*

Bloomin' Microshite!!!

Well Microsoft has been a complete let down again! Went up to fix Dad's computer and what utter crap! I have to go up again next week or the week after depending on when/if jamesuk comes and visits me....

What I did was first ran adaware and spybot which found 470 problems between the two programs....loads of spyware. Then installed Norton Anti-virus and ran found 3 virus's and fixed them....all fine to this point...then I installed Microsoft Service Pack 2 and the whole computer wouldn't reboot. Why do microsoft bring out stuff that doesn't work????? so anyway I ended up running the recovery disk and fixing the broken files....but now the system is taking about 3 minutes longing than it should to start just pauses for ages on "windows is starting up" and then whenever I run Internet Explorer its crashing and coming up with error.

I phoned up the computer company helpline that Dad got with the computer which cost 60p a minute....and they told me service pack 2 doesn't work with Norton. Well it does on my machine.

So it looks like I am going to have to reinstall the whole computer from scratch when I go up next.....I am extremely pissed off.....and I won't be installing that pile of shite on there again......

Microsoft = microSHITE....

At least I got a nice roast dinner at Dad's....

Ewww Bob has poo on him and I am going to have to wipe his bum...yuck!

Fruitquiz Forum

Just done the weekly stats for my Fruitquiz Forum and I am not happy with the way the forum is going it has gone right down hill recently and we are averaging about 250 new posts a week where as a couple of months ago we hit 1000 posts in a month. What is going on? Where is everyone? What are we doing wrong? how can we attract more people? how can we get the regulars back? I miss the way the forum used to be :(

I know it's sad to get upset about something so little as a forum but I really worked hard to get people to join and build a nice community. Some of my friends from here are on the forum too....maybe they can help me figure out whats going on!!

And to my other friends....maybe you could join and make me happy and spuce up the place - The Fruitquiz Forum