September 5th, 2004

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Tonight I have felt really low. This is the first time since I split with Gareth that I felt my depression was really coming back. It's the first time I really felt I needed hold me and tell me everything would be ok.
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I am feeling loads better, still feel a bit lonely but not depressed like I did yesterday. Thanks to all my friends for the nice comments and a special thanks to my best friend Rob who cheered me up on the phone, he really should get a livejournal.

I am totally addicted to Tears For Fears at the moment....this greatest hits are ace! You should all get it. I love Sowing The Seeds Of Love. Totally rocks. Curt Smith one of the guys used to go to my primary school. Actually I wonder if his Snow Hill song is online, its where he grew up, one of the roughest parts of Bath, I didn't live there but knew people that did. Infact its not so bad now apparently Fox Hill is the roughest area now which is where my Dad lives! DOH! :)

I am really looking forward to meeting jamesuk on Wednesday. I have known him online for ages now. I am a little nervous but I am sure it will go ok. It's always nice to meet online friends.