September 9th, 2004

Dreams are better than real life....

This is weird...but I reckon 90% of my dreams are about love and sex! I always remember my dreams. So I may be single, but my dreams definitely make up for this fact. I dream about Shane Richie about once a month and last night I dreamt about Smithy from The Bill....who is another famous person I fancy. Sometimes I dream about other people too....some I don't like but generally I maybe being single isn't so bad :)

Sad reallyl that dreams are better than real life :)

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Just come back from the doctors and I haven't lost any weight again this month. I was trying really hard at the start of the month but it all went down hill when Dad came to stay and started cooking for us. The doctor has said if I don't lose any weight this month then she is going to have to take me off the tablets. I so want to lose weight so I am going to try really hard. When I was 18 I was so tiny....and now I am so fat. I feel embarrased about myself. I feel that no man can love me at this weight.

The only good news is I haven't put anymore weight on. So from tomorrow I am going to get back on my proper diet. When I go shopping I am going to get all the right food and start again. It is hard when I see my sister and her boyfriend sat around eating crap all the time....

The thing that depresses me the most is that she said when I do eventually lose the the weight, which could take years, I will always have to be on this same diet. Whats the point of living if you can't eat nice foods? :(

I will be ok...but I feel so ugly and like I will be single forever if I don't lose this weight.
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I just had a lovely phone chat with schnoodle! It was really nice to talk to him. He is a really nice person and really cheered me up! Thanks Peter.

Just going to play trivia now.