September 13th, 2004

James Dreyfus replies....yay!

Last night I didn't sleep well. Had a bit of a stomach ache. I am fine now! This morning I received a small win of a Simpsons Poster from Sky One.

Also I got a letter from James Dreyfus. As some of you know I am a big fan of James Dreyfus, he was in "The Thin Blue Line", "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" and this year "Hell's Kitchen". Anyway I used to write to him via the BBC but I managed to get hold of the address for his agent. I usually send him a Christmas card each year. He always responds one way or another. First year he sent me a signed picture, second year his PA phoned me and last year he sent me a little note. Anyway I sent him a letter about Hell's Kitchen and he has replied which is really nice. I will put it on my autographs page. I won't be writing to him until Christmas. The letter says.

"Dear Ellen,

Got your very kind note - yes you are right - "Hell's Kitchen" was a bit of a trauma, buy hey ho - such is life!

Hope all is well you - All Best Wishes

James Dreyfus"

So I am happy about that. :) Anyway better get back to work.

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Yay! A new edition to my Chicaboo family. I have just purchased this little lady from Ebay. I love the banana. :)

*ellie is very happy!
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Well this evening I have been doing some updates on some of my websites. I added some more of my autographs to my Autograph Website and updated my Competitions Wins List

I am now working on getting people to link to the Webkin Online Annual UK Poll - if you have a uk based website no matter how small, home page or bigger page and would be willing to exchange links with me that would be great!!! Please folks! :) I need more and more links to it! I know I don't get anything out of running the poll apart from making other people happy when they win but I really enjoy working out the results etc and I want it to get bigger and bigger each year.

So if you have a website let me know, I will link back!!
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