October 4th, 2004

End of September and October Birthdays.

Well as I keep disappearing I thought I ought to do my birthdays update now! :)

Happy Belated Birthday to:

15th September - rebs
17th September - oakenguy
19th September - the_jug
26th September - hazeln -
27th September - schnoodle -
2nd October - bluelotus -
3rd October - charolynne

Hope you all had wonderful birthdays *hugs* (Sorry it is late).

And up and coming birthdays.....

8th October - jaravande
10th October - medusa
21st October - ilovetexas
25th October - lunacia
27th October - _bewitch_ - Welcome back Martha!
30th October - loonified

Hope you all have wonderful birthdays *hugs*

(no subject)

Well what have I been up to! Well I have been pretty idle recently. Just added a section for debates on my Fruitquiz Forum. Been chatting way too much on irc and working on a new website :)

Trivia is great in my chat room from 9pm to 11pm its much better now my java client works for people who can't use mIRC or whatever - Click here to join the chat room - click yes to the popup :)

Had a long chat with robotron_5000 he has a voice to die for! :)

Anyway not much else to talk about right now :) Nothing interesting is happening. Still single and still fat :)