May 24th, 2005

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What a day!!! Been so busy with work and tidying around the house etc it has been awful. Still managed to get most things done. Need to print off my pictures for tomorrow as I hope to meet Peter Bowles (To The Manor Born) and Sian Phillips (Dune) as they are at The Theatre Royal in Bath. I wonder if the other autograph hunters will be there, last week nigelb28 and I met a nice guy who we chatted to whilst waiting. When I was at the guesthouse that I ran with mum a few years ago we had a singer stay with us called Goldfrapp. Kinda wish I got her autograph then but I didn't collect at that point :)

More later maybe....Bob is sniffing. I hope he isn't ill for Friday when he has to have his operation. Mum said if my sister moves out which she will do at some point because she is having a baby and there isn't enough room that I am allowed another kitten :) Only allowed three though which is fine by me. I love my boys...:)