September 2nd, 2005

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I have just been really sick....dunno why....I just feel so gross because I can't sleep.  I kinda don't know how I will cope this weekend. Michael is coming over so I won't be able to get my sleep like I usually do when I have a weekend to myself. I want to meet Michael but at the same time I am worried I am not going to feel fit enough to cope.

Grrrr.....I dunno what to health always lets me down somehow.

R.I.P. Bob


May 2004 - 2nd September 2005

I woke up this morning to the sound of the front doorbell being continually rang. It was the man from next door. He had found Bob at the top of the road. He had moved him to the pavement and had come to get us as he knew Bob was ours. It was so awful to see him. His face was squashed. He would have died instantly but I am so upset because I loved him so much. Like all my cats. Why do they always have to die? Bob was only one year old. He shouldn't of kept going out the front. Anna was up at about 4:30am and Bob was still asleep on the sofa. :(

R.I.P. Bob....I love you....

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I just bought myself a digital camera to try and cheer myself up. Nigel bought me some little extras for it. Sad I know....but well I pretty much can't stop crying on and off. I miss Bob so much. So does the other cats....Tigger knows there is something wrong.

I can't go past the end of my road. There is blood on the road. My cats blood. My baby. My Bob. He was so lovely....he used to sit next to my laptop. He was so loving.

I can't even open my digital camera because I haven't got the energy. I just feel so crappy. I hope to talk to J later and maybe have a few drinks as well....