April 30th, 2006

Mainly autograph stuff....

Feeling a tiny bit better....but now my tooth is aching again....such a walking disaster.

Today I set up the printer on the pc....so tomorrow I am going to do some autograph requests to some of the cast of Waterloo Road. Also I want to write to Mark Lester who played Oliver Twist in Oliver! and was in the film Melody (I love that film soooo much). I did try emailing him via his clinic but no reply so I am going to print off a picture to send him to sign.

Also need to print out my pictures of Christopher Timothy and Jack Ryder. I think I will take some index cards down for the other people though more than likely I will just get them in the threatre programme. I am looking forward to meeting Chris Timothy because I have always liked him and thought he was a great actor.

Received a few autographs in the last couple of days. Got one from Kiran Shah (a.k.a Little Kiran) he is in the film Narnia. He even sent me a hand written letter which was sweet. Today I received Marcella Russo who played Liljana Bishop in Neighbours...I already have her so I will put her in my spare one in my competition.....I emailed her to get the other autograph really which is one of her band Lucy De Ville. She sent that signed by her and Marisa Warrington who is also in the band :)

Starting to think about getting prizes up together for my yearly poll too....

A rant :)

If one more person emails me about getting a Richard Fleeshman autograph I will go insane!! hehe :)

I get emails almost everyday from girlies who LOVE Richard Fleeshman and want his autograph and everyday I say the same "send him a letter to the Coronation Street address"

Half these kids can't spell and think its cool to type in txt talk....

NO....when you write to me....PLEASE use proper English.

I hate dis and dat...:)


I have been a bit bad on the birthday front recently so


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11th April - chocolate_eyes and stephenbooth_uk
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21st April - nodeg
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28th April - diglett

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY'S TO THE MAY BABIES COMING UP!!! :) (because no doubt I will be off the ball)

1st May - venus316
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He STILL scares me....

....The childsnatcher man in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...

Sad I know at 27 years old....but as a kid I used to make my mum turn the film off at that point.....

Anyone else scared? :)
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