May 4th, 2006

Oh forgot to mention....

A couple of weeks ago I sent a birthday card to William Roache (Ken Barlow in Corrie).....still can't believe he is 74 years old now!!!

Anyway bless him he sent me a note said....

"Thank you so much for the birthday card. Hope you manage to come up in the summer and say hello. Love William x"

I do hope to visit the Corrie and Emmerdale studios sometime during the summer :)

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Chat with boss man....Skype text chat

Me: I am starting to feel really shit now.....very little sleep (about 2 hours) for over 30 hours
Him: Hi Ellen - did you call me?
Me: Yes by accident (I did a chat but double clicked)
Him: Ah ;) so how can I help?
Me: Kill me
Him: Well that is a bit drastic!!

I don't think it is....23 enquiries here....can't think....let alone ring hotels and talk to the people etc....ARGH

Another egg.....

Doris has just brought in ANOTHER birds egg....she is stealing them from birds nests...she is such a nasty cat....this one is a white egg a bit bigger than the blue ones she usually brings in....she thinks she is so cool...she is kicking it around the floor....better get it before she breaks it all over the floor!


Stolen from David....

And my excuse for doing this is that I can't be arsed to work....I promise I will after...I like getting things off my chest especially when I am tired and argumentative etc.

TRY THIS: Write Ten statements about ten different people without saying who each statement is written about. They can either be things you wish that you could say, things you wish that you would have said, or things that you would never say.

1. I still love you but all you do is hurt me. I have lost you as a friend now because of this. Maybe you never really did like me. Maybe you was playing with my feelings.

2. You mean the world to me but you are just too good for me. You deserve better and one day you will realise that.

3. You intrigue me. You are completely different than me yet there is something that makes me want to know you better.

4. I fancy you like mad but I would never tell you because I don't want you to think I am a weirdo or something.

5. Sometimes your posts piss me off.....there is a fine line between being upset and attention seeking and you seem to cross over that line often. You need to stop moaning about life and get on with it. Stop coming across as desperate.

6. I want to get to know you better, as I think you could be a good friend. I don't get on well with many women but you are one I feel I could do but I don't know how to approach you about meeting up one day. I feel I could probably be comfortable talking to you and not feel like you are different than me like I do with most women.

7. I really miss our friendship. We used to be really good friends and now you don't even bother with me. I know I am to blame too but I miss our chats and giggles.

8. You have so many friends on your list I bet you don't even read my posts. I wish you would notice me though as I think you are really cool and would love to be a better friend with you.

9. You come across as really big headed and full of yourself and I wonder why? What are you hiding? why do you need the praise from others all the time? I wish you would tell me more about you as a person.

10. You should post more pictures of yourself. You are really pretty but always put yourself down. I know i do the same but I have reason to :)

Right got that all off my chest I am getting back to my work....

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One person removed me :(

Have I made too many posts today? Sorry.....

Going to bed now...I am soooooooo tired.

Someone please carry me up the stairs.......

Do you still all love me??? I hope ya all!