May 25th, 2006

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Chest is hurting....haven't managed to sleep....its no good I am going to have to go to the docs tomorrow...I desperately need a blue inhaler. I have run out....looks like I may have to take tomorrow off because I will need to catch up on some sleep if I dont sleep all night....STRESS.


Ok so I didn't sleep at all last night, so when mum arrives and says I think we should walk up to the doctors as its on the way to her work I think blimey I am going to die, no inhaler and walking there. It isn't that far but to be honest I haven't been out for a proper walk for a few weeks due to work and all. Anyway I made it but had a slight backache when I got there which is a sign I definitely need to get back up on that darn treadmill.

Our doctors has a walk in and wait surgery twice every day which is good because at least you know you are going to get to see a doctor. The main reason for me going is because I needed more Blue (Salbutamol) inhalers. I get there and I am seventh in the list...I sit down and think that I feel rancid, greasy hair and just sick. I dunno why but because it was busy I felt really uncomfortable so I got into the "what if I am sick" dilema I get in everytime I am around a load of people. It's a nerves thing....its like if I threw up in front of everyone I would be so embarrased. Anyway as usual I didn't chunder. I waited.

So then my name comes up on the screen thing. I go in and the doctor is nice which is good because he has been known to be a right nobhead. I tell him about my asthma and he then says he wants to try something new with me. He said he wants me to continue taking the brown inhalers (Beclometasone) twice a day and for now up it to four puffs, twice a day. Then keep the blue one for as and when I need it. And he wants me to take this Pulmicort Turbohaler thing which is different, you have to twist it and stuff. Anyway he said the Turbohaler works the same as the blue one but its stronger. He then asks if I have a peak flow metre. I tell him I have one but its the old one. He asked me if I pay for my prescriptions which I do so he kindly very sneakily found me one to take with me so I didn't have to pay for it. Anyway my peak flow is at 270 at the moment. For my age and height I should be getting 480.

So I then go to the pharmacy to get the medication which costs me £20 (I will come back to this in a minute). I sit and wait then the chemist man comes up to me and starts questioning me. He seems to think I shouldn't be taking the new turbohaler alongside the brown one. I said this is what the doctor told me. He asked me which doctor and then said he would go and talk to him later. So now I am thinking am I supposed to take this new one or not!! GRRR!

So before I go for a rest I am going to have my normal moan. WHY OH WHY do asthmatics have to pay for their medication when diabetics get theirs free? I have had asthma since I was 7. It's a chronic illness that people die from just like diabetes so why the fuck am I made to pay so much money each year on this? GRRR! sometimes my asthma gets me so down...I am the only one in the family that has it apart from my nan who died at the age of 30-something. It just irritates me....its never going to get better....infact its only got worse in the last few years. Two years in a row it has made me go to the hospital in the middle of the night to be put on a nebulizer.

Ok rant over....have a nice day everyone.

Special love and kisses to:
nigelb28 for being my bestest buddy.
quoquaq for being their to talk to in the middle of the night.
mandabea for having the cutest smile in England.

Ring Ring...

The phone rang....and surprise surprise....

Man: "Hello can I speak to Ellen Stafford please?"
Me: "Speaking"

Man: "Oh hello this is John Nolan from the pharmacy. As you know this morning I was a little hesitant to give you the Turbohaler this morning, I have chatted to Dr H and he appoligises but he has given you the wrong one. Did you take any of it?"

Me: "I took one puff"

John: "That's ok it just will give you a boost of the steriods. Could you possibly come up and pick up the right inhaler? and bring the other one in. Do you pay for your prescriptions?"

Me: "Yes I do"

John: "Well we will give you this one free of charge, just pop in and pick it up when you can"

End of call....

Too right they wouldn't make me pay for it because I would have gone apeshit. Bloomin' can we trust them? I know people make mistakes and this wasn't a life threatening one but gee...I could be overdosing on steriods....

Anyway Mum kindly drove me up the docs and I picked it one is ANOTHER Turbohaler but this time called Formoterol.

Lovely Jubbly....luckily I am in a fairly good mood. I got three hours sleep after none all night and sun is shining.....Alexandra Park would be amazing today!