July 10th, 2006


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Today I have been in a creative mood so I thought I would work on my Phil Schofield site - http://www.schofieldfans.co.uk

Last night I made a news section for the site, also if you go to the site and stick it in your favourites I have made a little icon with PS on it which I think is nifty for peoples favourites...heh

Today I did a videos section which is basically linking to video's of Phil and some of them are embedded from Youtube.

I also made some wallpapers for people to download....I am not great with graphics but do you think they look ok?

I am sure they will do for now :) Apart from that I haven't done much...didn't get to sleep till about 7am this morning because my mind just would not stop thinking!
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I am completely gutted and feel like someone has ripped my heart out today....my Nan sold her house last year, it is a big house with a beautiful garden, it sold for £900,000. It is such a beautiful house but it was getting too much for my Nan who is in her 70s and on her own. Anyway today I have found out that the people that bought it who made such a big deal about how beautiful the house is have decided they are going to pull it down and build a five storey block of flats with glass front. Gutted so gutted....I have sent this letter to the Oldfield Park Residents campaigning against it....

I just want to say that I am backing you completely against this project. I am disgusted that they are even knocking down Oakford. My Nan, Mrs Glisson lived there for many years. My Uncle George (Mr Glisson) even had his ashes scattered in the garden. He would be devastated if he was here today to see that his beautiful house is being knocked down to make way for some disgusting flats. When my Nan sold the house, the lady who bought it was over the moon and said she loved the house and the history of it, she was planning to build some tastefull houses at the back but was planning to keep the house! My Nan who is in her 70s sold the house as she felt it was getting too big for one person and hard to manage. Some people don't care at all about preserving old buildings, about history...its all about making money...heartless idiots!
We only found out the news today as my mother has been away on holiday. We have just phoned Nan in Devon to tell her the news and she is breaking her heart over this. I am gutted....I have a lot of childhood memories of Oakford and playing in the lovely back garden.
Anyway good luck with the campaign.
Ellen Stafford
Oldfield Park

I just feel so upset :(
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Following on from my last post....

Here is a picture of Oakford. This is a woven picture of the house....we have it upstairs...I took a picture of it....*sigh*

The fun my sister and I had in that nice big back garden :(

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My poor baby Doris.....they think the swelling could have been from intense bruising from when she was hit....just a delayed reaction or something. She has her leg bandaged up now and is not allowed out.....I hate it because all she loves is going out she can't even walk properly...I feel so cruel....I have put a binliner of rubbish in front of the catflap for now and I will just remove it to let tiggs in and out at night she will have to stay in with me....she doesn't seem to like to use her litter at the moment because she always goes outside....she just keeps on lying in it!!

I have to take her back on Thursday...poor Doris :(

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I tried my hardest to keep Doris in...but she escaped...she is fine and back in but there is no way I am going to be able to keep her in all the time...she cries, she goes mad....so I am only letting her out in the day...the bandage is on well and has got a bit muddy...no doubt I will get told off but she is a more out cat than in....she is staying in my room at night so she cant get out then...

I feel like a failure but I love her so much.....she has been through enough crap the last few weeks....its bad enough having to shovel tablets and drops down her neck everyday...the vet really hurt her today when he was getting the liquid out of her leg. I have never heard a cat cry so loud....I just hope it gets better soon. The vet said the stuff he took out is just watery stuff thats in the blood....he put the bandage on to stop it filling up again....he skin was all saggy around there and just kept refilling all the time.