September 11th, 2006

Paper round number 2....

Yesterday whilst walking past the local shop I saw a notice in the window saying they are looking for someone to do a paper round. My biggest regret of last year was giving up my paper round because it was something that made me get out and walk and gave me some exercise, something I had to do....whereas with the treadmill and being at home and all my work now I tend to say "Oh I will go on the treadmill tomorrow!" and tomorrow comes and I say the same so tend to only go on once a week which isn't enough exercise!

So my sister enquired this morning and I now have a new paper round to do....what is good is that its a morning one so I get it out of the way first thing. I am quite a good morning person when I have to get up and get going and it won't interfere with my working day like the afternoon one did. So I am quite looking forward to it. I think I know where I am going but I will find out tomorrow when I go out and try it :)

This is a positive step towards trying to lose weight and I think my mum is quite pleased that I am doing this....and I am because I want to lose some weight for around my birthday in April when I am planning (if nigelb28 will come with me) to visit the studios where they film This Morning in the hope to meet Phillip for the first time and as a big fan of his I want to look a bit better than the slob I look like now so thats my goal to lose some!!

Talking of Phillip he looked absolutely gorgeous this morning....I love his pink shirt....I was looking through the pics on the gallery on my site and the only one I have of him in his pink shirt is this small one but phwoar!!! heh