December 29th, 2006


Yay for Pogo...

Just completed the last challenge for 2006 on got the completed album badge!! YAY!

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Rain, rain go away....

It is really horrible out today. I just got back from the shops. I popped along Moorland Road because I wanted to post a book to my friend Debbie as she is poorly at the moment and I want to cheer her up, so I sent the book, some fbs (friendship books - penpals) and some of my Afro Ken paper. I also popped to the pet shop to get some kitbits for the cats....we have run out and we use them to get Percy in when he escapes out the front door! Shake them and the boys come running! I am talking about cats and kitbits here.....heh. Then I thought I would take a dex in the charity shop to see if there was any books I wanted...I bought two for £1. One is called "P.S. Longer Letter Later" by Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin which is a novel in letters. Also got "Martin Lukes: Who Moved My BlackBerry?" which also looks interesting :) Whilst in the charity shop I saw my old doctor, Dr Ansell, she said hi to me and asked how I am. I kind of miss her really which sounds weird but when I was really ill with depression I used to see her quite a lot and then I moved doctors because I became friends with another doctor from a different surgery. I also went to get some pain au chocolate for lunch but there wasn't any so i have got croissants which are just about to go in the oven and I have a jar of chocolate spread ;) haha :)

Back to the subject of books I thought I would spend a few pennies on myself from my christmas money and the rest towards bills. I bought some books from Amazon. I bought "The Dirty Bits for Girls" by India Knight which should be a "fun" read hehe. It just has sections from all the books girls passed around as teenagers to Forever by Judy Bloom. I also bought "The Wah Wah Diaries: The Making of a Film" by Richard E Grant. After meeting him last year I read his With Nails Diary.....I like Richard E...picture of me with Richard E. Grant if you missed it first time. And I bought "Good at Games" by Jill Mansell....I just hope I haven't read it before. I have read a lot of Jill Mansell's books, they are easy going clicklit and mainly are based around the Bath and Bristol area. I read one of the books based in Bath and I knew exactly which hotel she was talking about by the description even though she changed the name etc :) heh.

Last night I was supposed to be doing loads of penpalling but I only got around to writing three letters....Gill's letter took me the whole of Holby City to write because I kept having to watch especially Joseph Byrne....I love the way he dithers and his posh voice...don't know why I love men with posh voices...its funny. No Sam Strachan though! BOO! I think I might write some more letters in a bit. I have two new penpals to write to as well and Debbie has sent me some more fbs :)

Thanks to dreams2sk8 for the Christmas card. I think I might use some of my christmas cards for fbs or something. I am also keeping hold of the stamps I have got on envelopes this year to send to someone (probably from an fb) who collects for charity.

Ohhhh nearly forgot to mention I had a win today....only a small win....its a like beanbag cow (a bit like a beanie baby) from Ben and Jerry''s well cute and it looks like a certain little girl who lives in the same house as me (Lilly - my niece) has claimed it....heh :)

Right better get back to work.....YUCK.
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Friday Five

This weeks questions:

1. Are you related to anyone famous or do you have any famous friends? If so, who?
2. Do you have any autographs or memorabilia?
3. If you could meet any 3 celebrities who would they be?
4. What would you want to be famous for doing?
5. Who's the most annoying celebrity?

My answers:

1. Nope not related to anyone famous or friends with anyone famous. Wish I was friends with Phillip Schofield. I did get phoned by James Hewitt twice though which was fun :)
2. I have about 900+ autographs.
3. Phillip Schofield, Tom Chambers and John Barrowman.
4. For co-hosting with Phillip Schofield....I don't actually think I would want to be famous to be honest.
5. There are so many but Victoria Beckham annoys me especially with all this trying to get to size 0 or whatever it is and all this I want to be famous in America malarky!