Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Afternoon all....thank you all for your advice last night. All I can say is I am getting my hopes up or anything just will sit back and see what happens. I am glad I didn't do anything I could of regretted more the other day. At the end of the day kissing isn't as bad as having full blown sex with someone and that didn't happen. I am not going to let that happen until things are sorted because after a few days of thought how ever much I like the guy I am not willing to be second best. I will always care about him and still want to see him but I am not willing to go any further than kissing until he sorts out his situation. At the end of the day I don't mind still being single as long as I have friends and from all your comments on here I know I have a good bunch of friends however near or far you are.

Tonight nigelb28 is coming over so that will be good. We always have a good laugh. I hope I get to talk to J online later tonight because I miss our chats.

Just ordered a new phone....its phone city here....firstly I have cancelled my old one but you have to give 30 days written notice so instead of that I just changed it to Pay As You Go because they then cancel me contract in 2 days! I just won't be using it.

Yesterday I went online and ordered a new mobile with o2 but today I received a much better offer so I have had to cancel the o2 which has been despatched so I am going to have to send it back but that is no worries. I will just have to make sure they cancel it.

So now I am going to be on Vodafone. My new phone is going to be a Sony Ericcson W800i. The deal I got was 200 minutes a month free calls including on weekends if I use up to 60 minutes they will only use 3 minutes of the 200 minutes. I also get 250 texts a month. All that for £12.99 for for the first three months and then £22.50 from then on which is much better than the deal I got from o2 so I am pretty chuffed with that. Should be arriving on Tuesday so I will tell you all my new number then :) The salesman was such a flirt!!! but I guess thats his job ;)

I am slightly worried about Michael today....he has a boxing match tonight and I always worry he is going to get hurt...I know he knows what is doing but he is such a sweetheart.....

Goodluck Michael......he has such a cute face....look at him....



I will be waiting for his txt to tell me how it went later tonight.

Anna had a call from the police today to say that they have arrested a guy for breaking into her car and stealing her radio and he is going to court in a few weeks time but they couldn't recover any of the goods. At least he is getting punished for what he did!!!
Right this entry is getting way too long.....so finally I would like to say a big



wawolf and lodz

wawolf: I love you loads and I hope that you have a wonderful day and get on well in your new job. Don't forget to start saving those pennies for a trip over to the UK. :)

lodz: I can't believe you live literally along the other end of the shopping road (you know the one I mean)...and I haven't even met you yet. We need to meet up sometime soon :)

I hope you both have a wonderful day!

That's all folks!

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