Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Ok I think I am going crazy I am getting nervous/excited about Thursday. I usually have Wednesday off but this week I am taking Thursday off instead. I am excited because I am going autograph collecting in Bath and hoping to meet the lovely Richard E Grant and gorgeous Anthony Stewart Head......I am nervous because I really want to get these autographs and I am scared I am going to miss them.


- Pictures are printed off.....apart from I need to print another Anthony Head off for nigelb28 which I will do   tomorrow.  

Here are the pictures I have chosen to get signed: 

Richard E Grant:

Anthony Stewart Head

- Need to charge batteries for camera.
- Clothes are ready....
- Need to phone the theatre for show running time as I plan to meet them inbetween the matinee performance and evening performance.

The Big Day Plans:

- Get up
- Do paper round
- Come home, have shower
- Anna staighten my hair (because I am crap and can't do it myself)
- Get everything organised and give Nigel a guided tour of my new camera for pictures.
- Get to theatre.
- Buy programme.
- Wait and shit myself.... :)

Oh I hope I get to meet them! If I don't they are here for 2 weeks so I am sure I will at some point :) I also have a picture to get signed for my friend as well :)  I am just glad the other people haven't found out I am going because I don't want to have millions of pictures to sign for other people. :)


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