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Mega tired.....its too early!! I know it's 8:15am but still too early. Went to bed fairly early last night but couldn't get to sleep as usual and then Anna started crying and was worrying about the baby because she wasn't feeling too good so low and behold the midwife was out here at 1:30am for about an hour. Was pretty cool to hear the babies heartbeat. Anna is fine, baby is fine. The midwife thinks that all the symptoms Anna is getting is early stages of things beginning to move. She is due in a week today. It's all exciting, I wish Lilly-Ana would hurry up, I can't wait to see her :) Midwife estimates that the baby is going to be about 7lbs and long (I really don't know how they predict these things).

So anyway, didn't get to sleep till about 3am, poor nigelb28 must be so tired as he didn't get to sleep till then either and had to get up at 6am to go to work. Then I had to get up about half an hour ago because the bloomin' gas man is coming today because our radiators aren't working....he needs to go around the house and bang them all :)

It's a horrible day out, I hope it brightens up especially for Sunday when I am going out for the afternoon with family. We are going on a boat up the River Avon, its a surprise party for Dad for his 50th birthday. Should be fun.

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