Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Happy and Angry....

My sister gave birth this evening to a little baby girl, Lily. She is 7lbs 5. I am really happy for her.

I am angry because when Anna phoned me I asked her if I could be there and she asked and the midwife said yes three people were allowed to be there. So Mum and I went up and of course Ben (her boyfriend) was there. When we got to the desk they said only two people was allowed in but we would get to see the baby regardless. Then time passed...and I waited....mum went in and Nige and I sat outside, then Ben came in and said that I probably wouldn't get to see the baby till tomorrow. I came home pretty upset considering I am the one that has been getting up with Anna every night when she has felt niggles etc. Then Nige phoned the hospital and asked if I could see the baby tonight. They said yes I could before she went up to the ward. I went up all happy. Anna gave birth....then an hour after mum came in and told me that they said I am not allowed to go and see the baby. I am disgusted in this and I am going to write a letter to either the hospital or the newspaper as they don't care about other people's feelings and Anna's friend had a baby not long ago and had about 5 people in with her!!!!

Anyway...I hope she comes home tomorrow morning otherwise its just going to be a complete nightmare....as if she doesn't come home in the morning then I have to choose as to whether I get to see my niece or go to my dad's 50th birthday....grrrr....I want to see my niece!

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