Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford


Lilly is one month and two days old today. She is so cute. The health visitor came around today and they weighed her and she is now 8lbs 3 which is good. :) She is getting bigger all the time. Today Anna needed to go out with Ben so I looked after her for a bit, its the first time I have been allowed to change her nappy. I sometimes think Anna doesn't trust me with her because I haven't had any kids before but I know what I am doing and would never do anything to hurt Lilly. I love her. She is my first niece. So I changed her nappy and fed her. She took 5oz's which is good :) Then mum came back from work. She was so wide awake we decided to put her in her little swinging chair and I have taken some pictures....check them out!!

And finally....Lilly loves her Nanny


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