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Thought I would do a bit more of an update. By the way anyone else not getting all their Livejournal comments via email? maybe they are delayed somewhere, luckily I read them all via browser.

Recently I have been mainly concentrating on my hobbies. I have had to stop sending autograph requests off recently because I can't afford to, though I do have a few christmas cards to send to some of the celebs that sent me some nice replies this year. Still getting a few autographs come in though from previous requests which is always nice. I started my own autograph forum a few month ago and its going really well. Got 123 members now and they are all a really friendly bunch which is good. I got fed up with this other forum I was on with the bitchiness. Anyway looking forward to going collecting with Nigel again in December. Don't know if we will get to Martin Shaw but we are definitely going to go and get Shane Richie (the love of my life) in Bristol and Anne Charleston (Madge Bishop from Neighbours) here in Bath. Looking forward to the coming year already because Dawn French and Alison Moyet are confirmed to be coming to Bath with the theatre! :) Anyway I am still updating my autograph site.

Also been entering competitions, I must update my competition site. I am now up to 179 wins, with some still to come that I know about. I have also been approached by a television production company who are hopefully planning on doing a tv documentry about "compers - people who enter competitions" so I am just waiting to hear back about what plans they have etc before I committ to anything!

Health wise, my asthma has been up and down for the past few months. Starting to get better again now but was really bad when Anna was at her worst with depression. The doctor said it most definitely was stress that caused it to get worse. I only had to go to the hospital to be put on the nebuliser once and on steriods once so it wasn't too bad. Last time I went to the doctors he gave me a flu jab which will help over the winter months. Also had a niggling tooth ache type thing but it isn't in one tooth and is only really bad at night and in the morning, its odd but I think I am going to have to go to the dentist soon and give in to my fear!!

My grampy is now really ill....the cancer has taken over. Mum went to see him again yesterday and they think its a matter of weeks now rather than months. He is so weak. It's realy heartbreaking to see him that way. He was always so well and he went to the doctors as soon as he noticed something was wrong but it is too late. He is at home which is good but hard for Pam (his wife). He is too ill to go to the hospice now, the journey would kill him. I worry about my mum as a lot of horrible things have been said to her recently....things that are so upsetting. I just feel out of the three sisters; Auntie Jenny, Mum and Auntie Sarah; mum just seems to be picked on all the time and she tries her hardest. She does everything for everyone.

Anyway enough rambling, better get to work, I still have a job but the tourist industry is still looking bleak :(

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