Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

So the new year is here....I saw it in with great style....I slept :) I know party pooper of the year...I just was so tired and to be honest I am probably the only one in the world that hates New Years Eve....I hate the way there is such a pressure on seeing in the new year and the pressures of making this year better and all that blah de blah....looking back on the last year.....

Good points

  • Well of course I think that the best thing to happen last year has got to be the birth of Lilly-Ana my niece, in September. She is amazing and makes me smile so much.
  • I won 50 prizes this year in Competitions. Best prize: £200 Cash
  • Being in Full House Magazine about my autograph collecting.
  • Meeting the celebs I met, in particular Shane Richie....but also Russ Abbot, Peter Bowles, Jo Brand, Patsy Palmer, Amanda Paa, Sian Phillips, Terry Pratchett, Gaby Roslin, Chris Vacher, Jonathan Wrather, Trude Mostue, Richard E Grant, Anthony Stewart Head....
  • Getting Doris the kitten.

    I am sure there are more but I can't think.

    Bad points

  • Bob the cat getting killed on 2nd September.
  • Anna getting really bad post natal depression.
  • My grampy dying in December.
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