Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Today I went to my old primary school to a jumble sale....when they say jumble sale they mean it! What a mess! And so many people. There was even people fighting over items. Still was nice to see Mr Newman again, still can't get over how small he is. My sister and Lil came and we showed him. He thought she was sweet. I worked out it was 15 years ago since I left that school. I loved it there when I was a kid. It was senior school I hated.

Got offered another tv program the other day but turned it down this time because it was too intrusive. They wanted to stick a camera in the house and follow me around doing all my autograph stuff. Nevermind :)

Can't afford to do much autograph stuff at the moment. Never mind :) Concentrating on my competitions. Going to scan my new autographs in tomorrow so I might post.

I have been a slacker as usual but thought I would check in and appoligise for being crap!

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