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From mandabea

Name:Ellen Stafford
Date Of Birth:18/04/1979
Place Of Birth:Bath
Current Location:Bath
Number Of Siblings:1 and a half = Anna (23) and Frances (18)
Number Of Pets:3 = Tigger and Doris (Cats) and Alice (red bellied toad)
Hairstyle/color:brown with blonde highlights...crappy style.
Eyes:yes 2.....Blue
Piercings/Tattoos?Only ears pierced
3 Favorite TV Shows:Neighbours, Deal or No Deal, Coronation Street
3 Favorite Authors:Sue Townsend, Adele Parks and Dan Brown
3 Favorite Video Games:Fifa 05 and Buzz.
3 Favorite Bands/Artists:G4, Elton John, Tears For Fears (at the moment)
3 Of Your Hobbies:Autograph collecting, entering competitions, online gaming (pogo)
What, If Any, Instruments Do You Play?None...crap...
Favorite Meal:roast dinner
Favorite Snack Food:chocolate ring donuts
Favorite Junk Food:pizza
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage:diet coke
Favorite Alcoholic Beverage:malibu and coke
Do You Smoke?:No
Do You Do Drugs?:Only prescribed medication :)
What Do You Do On Your Days Off?:sleep :)
How Many Boy/girlfriends Have You Had?12ish
How Many Sexual Partners Have You Had?About the same as above....
How Many Times Have You Truly Been In Love?Its tricky to tell. Probably once.
How Many Times Have You Dumped Someone?12
How Many Times Have You Been Dumped?0
Are You Friends With Any Of Your Exes?Yes. Gareth.
Have You Ever Had a Friend With Benefits?No. Don't think so.
How Long Was Your Longest Relationship?2 years
How Long Was Your Shortest Relationship?1 week
Have You Ever Regretted Dating Someone?Yes, ruined our friendship....Foddy.
Have You Ever Regretted Splitting Up With Someone?Yes...Foddy and sometimes Gareth
What Do You Consider Your Hometown?Bath
Where Is Your Favorite Vacation Spot?Weymouth
Where Was the Best Vacation You Ever Had?San Francisco
What States Have You Visited (stayed in for 2 or more days)?California
What States Have You Lived In?None
What Countries Have You Visited?France, Spain, USA, Wales.
Have You Ever Been On A Cruise?No
Where Have You Always Wanted To Visit?New Zealand (but doubt I will)
What, If Any, Foreign Languages Do You Speak?A bit of French but got a D in GCSE so thats how good I am :)
What Languages Would You Like To Learn?None
What Are Your Goals For the Next Month?To sort out my money issues
What Are Your Goals For the Next Year?To sort out my whole life
What Would Your Ideal Career Be?PA to Phillip Schofield or better still his wife!
Are You Happy With Your Financial Situation?Oh very happy....NOT
Pimp A Website Of Your Choice:http://www.pogo.com
Celebrity Crushes (Past and Present):Phillip Schofield, Shane Richie...to name two..
Mountain Dew Is Liquid Crack, Isn't It?Is it really!
Internet Browser Of Choice:IE *cringe*
If You Were An Animal, You Would Be:Owl - sleep better in the day than at night
Religion:Well I believe in God just not half the churches around here
Political Affiliation:It varies...don't want Britain to have Euros though. Keep the pound!
Did You Vote In Your Last Election? (put N/A if underage)Yes, I voted for the Independance Party
Do You Practice Magick?No
Are You Pro-Life Or Pro-Choice?Pro-Choice
How Do You Feel About Your Country's Government?Crap....
Would You Ever Join the Military?No....
Do You Believe Character Is A Matter Of Nature Or Nurture?no idea
Creation Or Evolution?Creation
Do You Feel Very Strongly About Political Issues?Sometimes
Do You Feel Very Strongly About Religious Issues?Not really unless the Jehovas are on the door!
Have You Ever Written A Letter To A Political Figure?Yes but they never replied. I wanted an autograph.
What Are You A Serious Geek For?Internet...I live here....and autographs
Do You Play MMORPGs?No
Do You Collect Anything?Autographs
DC Or Marvel? Neither
Indie Comics Are Neat Too, Huh?Dunno never read one
Do You LARP?What the fuck is Larp?
Do You Have A Website?yes http://www.webkin.co.uk
Are You In Tech Support Or Programming?Not at the moment did IT Support before and can do HTML and some php
Have You Ever Been To Any Cons?No
Do You Do Any Roleplaying?No
Have You Seriously Tricked Out Your Computer Or Game Console?No
Do You Have Any Old-School Gaming Consoles?Not anymore sold them all
Do You Spend Way Too Much Time On Quizzes Like This?Yes


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