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Oh happy days :)

Well it has been a great birthday for me today. I have had a great day. I woke up at about 10:30am and opened my presents.

i got:

From my sister Anna: Pair of combat trousers, pair of tracksuit bottoms, a wallet (Animal), a grow your own millionnaire man (need to stick him in water tomorrow)...on and a card and balloon from Lilly :)
From my Mum: £100 and two tops.
From my Dad: £65.
From my Nan: £200.
From my Auntie Sarah and family: £15 and they sent me a lovely family picture over the internet.
From Nige: Two books, two cds, a dvd, a teddy, a parker pen (because someone stole my last one) and also he lent me money to buy a PC!!
From my boss: £1 lottery scratch card.
I also had cards from my friend Deborah in Canada and Val from my fruitquiz forum which was sweet.

Anyway at about 11am Mum and Nan came over as Nan is up here from Devon. Then my Dad popped in as well. I went along the shop and they all said happy birthday, but the man in the shop didn't give me a birthday kiss.....I asked him and he laughed at me....:) hehe. We had lunch and then Nige and I went for a walk along the Kennet and Avon Canal which was nice. Then we went and got a PC :) heh. Came home and I have spent most of the evening setting things up here.

I even got a lovely cake with candles on :) hehe. I have been so lucky.....such a nice day. Had some nice phone calls as well from James and Julian :)

I have also made some new friends on LJ....also had an email reply from my favouirte local news reporter Chris Vacher hehe :) Hope I get to see him at the Bath and West Show again :)

Thanks for all the messages today everyone :)

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