Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Today I took a trip up to Alexandra Park with nigelb28. It always brings back various memories for me....

The first time I visited Alexandra Park was when I was 11. The reason I hadn't been before was because I spent my life over the otherside of Bath. When I first visited it was of course to play in the play park at the top of the park.

My next visit to the park was when I was 19. I had really bad depression....my Auntie Sarah was in Bath and my mum was away...she took me up there for a walk and a chat. I was so low at that point so it wasn't a fond memory though I was impressed with the view.

Since then I have been up there many times. Infact I went up there to watch the millennium celebrations over the city. There was about 30 or so people up there watching and sharing bottles of champagne. I also remember going up there with bnb when it had been snowing...

The last time I went up there that I remember was with James...when I first kissed him *sigh*

Anyway it was nice to go up there today with Nige and have a chat and walk around....especially because I am feeling gross....

Here is a picture I took from Alexandra Park of my beautiful city Bath....I didn't take it today....I took it awhile ago but it just is amazing up there.....its one of Bath's hidden beauty spots!


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