Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

What a waste of time going to the doctors was....this week all my family have been ill with the same thing. Anna went to the doctors first and got given anti-biotics for it. So did her boyfriend Ben so I thought I better go as it may be the only way to shift it. Our doctors surgery run a walk in clinic where you sit and wait.....so Anna took my up....we waited over an hour. I was in the room for less than 2 minutes. Doctor listened to my chest and made me do a peak flow....my asthma is down. Then she said I didn't need anti-biotics and that I needed to double up on my brown inhaler....so next time I get a bad chest and I am coughing up green stuff I am not bothering with the doctos because there is no point!

Spent most of the day in bed as its my day off....I am just so exhausted. Didn't get any autographs today (mind you I haven't sent off many requests recently) but did get a pair of gloves from my friend Julian in Australia. He got them on his trip to New Zealand and they are made from possum so they will be good for next winter.

Luckily the sun is shining today......

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