Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Charity Shop Books....and Autograph...

I never need to buy new books...I just go to the charity shop along Moorland Road and pick out some I think I might like. I love reading about people.

Today I spent £1.50 on three books....

Maggie - John Sergeant which is about Margaret Thatcher.
Hotel Honolulu - Paul Theroux - always love reading ones about hotels etc with my work and stuff....even silly novels.
'Tis - Frank McCourt - I read Angela's Ashes ages ago so this is good to follow on and he has had another one since then....

Today I also got one autograph through the post. I am going to try and update my site sometime over the weekend. Depending on work.....today I got Megan Jossa who plays Courtney Mitchell on Eastenders....she is sweet. She personalised it and added a couple of kisses and a heart :) Bless :)

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