Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Who I have met on my friends list...

Everyone is doing one of these "Who I have met from LJ? Meme" things....so I am just going to list the people on my friends list who I have met.....and as for who I want to meet...well everyone....so if you guys are ever in Bath don't forget to contact me ;)

In Alphabetical order who I have met....

_cute_ - Michelle, I met her when I was about 18, she used to come to all my internet meets which was practically every weekend.
all_in_a_blur/flucked_up_girl - I met Nic through her hubby yumseta and we had some great drunken adventures ;)
bluelotus - I met Sarah when she came down here with tep used to have a bit of a crush on her actually ;) hehe
bnb - Brian I have known the longest out of all the people I have met. I met him in person when I was 17 and we have been mates ever since.
chocojon - Met Jon when I was at the guesthouse. He came over once for me to shave his hair but I couldn't do it haha.
hazeln - Hazel stayed at the guesthouse, she is now shacked up with bnb so sure we will meet up again soon :)
nigelb28 - I see him every week....I introduced him to LJ, he is my best mate.
nitesky - Came to the guesthouse with her parents and uksweetguy. Do you guys still keep in touch? see each other? etc.
qoquaq - Dave came to see me at the guesthouse and he now hosts my Fruit Quiz personality test :)
tep - Josh used to hang out with me, I remember getting very drunk a lot and doing jigsaw puzzles on webcam with Josh hehe :)
uksweetguy - came to Bath with nitesky and stayed at the B&B :)
wimmeke - came to many a meet and visited many times from Belgium.
yukko - don't think Gareth uses LJ anymore. He is my ex and I still chat to him on msn a lot.
yumseta - I have known Ian for years and we have had some right laughs :)

I think that is it....but there could be more that I have missed out....

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