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Melody (SWALK) is such a cute film....

Starring Mark Lester as Daniel and Tracy Hyde as Melody.

Melody: [reading from a tombstone] "Fifty years' happiness." How long's fifty years?
Daniel: A hundred and fifty school terms, not including holidays.
Melody: Will you love me that long?
Daniel: [nods affirmative] Mmm-hmmm.
Melody: I don't think you will.
Daniel: Of course. I've loved you a whole week already, haven't I?


David Puttnam's first production and Alan Parker's first script meld together to create this delicate and sensitive story of pre-pubescent romance told from a child’s-eye viewpoint. Bearing a passing resemblance to both The Graduate and If..., this endearing story strains credibility at times but if you can withhold your disbelief this intriguing little film holds great appeal. An excellent musical score is provided by the Bee Gees. The film is alternatively known as SWALK (Sealed with a Loving Kiss), and reunites the youthful stars of Carol Reed’s Oliver; Jack Wild and Mark Lester.

Two lonely boys from opposite backgrounds, Daniel Latimer (Mark Lester), and Ornshaw (Jack Wild), become firm friends at a south London comprehensive school. Things change when Daniel notices ten-year old Melody Perkins (Tracy Hyde) in dancing class and falls in love. At first Melody rebuffs his advances, but gradually she reciprocates and returns his feelings. Despite initially aiding his friend, Ornshaw becomes bitter at being shoved aside and the two friends fight. Daniel and Melody announce to their perplexed parents, in all seriousness, that they intend to get married. This marriage is not planned for the distant future, but as soon as possible. Ornshaw performs a mock ‘marriage’ ceremony under a derelict railroad viaduct, and their rampaging classmates collude in helping them evade pursuing teachers and parents. Ultimately, the young ‘newlyweds’ escape into the sunset on a railroad handcar.


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