Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Celeb X-Factor and Big Brother...

Why has James Hewitt been paired up with a woman that is famous for wanking off a pig?

He is so sweet and I just know she will drag him down...haven't watched it yet as I was watching Big Brother.....I will have to watch it tomorrow as I have Sky+'d it...but I hate reading the negative comments about him being a "dirty old man" he is not...he is charming! I like him anyway :)

Like I said...haven't heard him sing yet....but its for charity and its the taking part that counts. James always takes part in these shows for charity....like Back to Reality. I really hate people who slag him off just because he had a thing with Diana....takes two to tango and she didn't have that good taste with her husband so fair played to her for going for something better ;)

Big Brother have put two new housemates in.....looking forward to seeing how Ashleen the blonde bimbo annoying the whole couples things. Grace is a right cow I really don't like her. How long will it take for the others to figure out that Sam is a bloke? :)

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