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James Hewitt

OH MY GOD! is all I can say. I was just about to shut off my computer and go to bed and the phone rang......it was James Hewitt's agent and she passed James on to the phone for me!

He remembered me as well....."Of course I remember you. I have your picture, the girl who never works" hehe :) thats because he called last time when I was having an afternoon nap.

He said he is enjoying the show, he asked me if I watched tonight, if I liked it. He said he is ignoring all the boos and thanks for the supportive email. I told him I am going to the Bath and West Show tomorrow he said he loves going to that and for me to have a drink for him. He told me I should be in bed :) hehe.

Tomorrow he said they are singing Michael Jackson "I don't remember the bloomin' name of the song" his agent then told him its "The Way You Make Me Feel" and he said he is going to sing the song for me......how sweet is that!!!

BLISS! Total bliss! I just love him. :)

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