Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

BB and Celeb X Factor...etc

BB7 - still think Sezer needs to go....he is annoying and so full of himself and urgh.....I just can't stand him. It's not as if he is mega goodlooking either!!

Celeb X Factor - what can I say? James and Rebecca got kicked out....I do think talent wise Nikki was the best to stay....but I will miss seeing James on there. I loved tonights performance especially because last night on the phone he said he was doing it for me hehe. But he looked hot in jeans and was cool at dancing and I LOVE the way he flicks his hair.....anyway, I hope he doesn't stop doing tv work, apparently there are more projects coming up so should be good. I still think I am very lucky to have chatted to him twice on the phone. When he called last night he was on his way home and had just read my email and said he really wanted to thank me because he remembered me from the card I sent and he was chuffed with the email. Such a nice man. :)

Tomorrow its back to work for me then on Saturday morning I am going to Bristol to Springwatch thing so I can say hi to Chris Vacher the local news reader who I exchange emails with. Should get a few autographs as there are some more people from the BBC going. :)

Nige, my sister and I look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer...not happy with getting sunburnt I was stupid not to put some lotion on, it was warm but not that warm. I know how important it is to keep out of the sun since mum had her cancerous mole and duracell also has skin cancer. I really do know and I didn't take any notice *sigh*

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